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7 days 46min ago

Eli Zohar - Israel

Drum dryer

For a client in Africa drying sand for glass production, seeking second hand drum dryer, approx. 1900/2200 mm dia. 9000 mm long, with burner, skid or wheel mounted

14 days 29min ago

Kostas Grigoriadis - Germany

Metso - Nordberg LT1100

I would really apreciate if you could help me to find a metso-nordberg LT1100. Thank you very much!

20 days 43min ago

Fischer GmbH - Germany

wir suchen 1-2 Mogensen Sizer
Siebbreite 1,0 m
6 Siebeinsätze

37 days 32min ago

Maskinhandel-Voigt - Denmark

Billige Portafill 2000 Siebanlage,oder Beyer Siebanlage Typ Tandem-Globetrotter
Siebmaschine 2,5 x 1,25 m, 3 Fraktionen

37 days 43min ago

Maskinhandel-Voigt - Denmark

Rubble Master RM 60 Hackenmobil , auch reparaturbedürftige Anlagen anbieten.

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