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Kuglični ležaj d.o.o.
METSO 1213 S
Wir suchen gebrauchte mobile brecheranlage METSO 1213S ,mit nachsieb, uberkornband, magnet und seitenband.
Bau jahre: von 2007--2012 , je weniger stunde desto beser.


One day 16min ago

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Eurobuyservices EBS
Looking for Banana Type Screener
Looking for used in good conditions

Reception hopper 35 m³.
Feed hopper VSI 50 m³
Feeder 52' x 20 '.
Banana type screen
For more information dont hesitate in contacting us


2 days 41min ago

Stepan Stepan
Sandvik QJ341 and QH331.
For one construction project we are considering Sandvik QJ341 and QH331.

Kindly ask to send offers on such machines which you have on stock (or which you can deliver in short time).

Machines must be not older than 2013 year.


8 days 0min ago

Dickmann - Import - Export
Hallo , wir suchen für unsere Kunden ständig ;

alle Größen von Rollenrosten und Fingerrollenroste


16 days 50min ago

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Mis recycling A/S
i need a kløckner becorit sp 1820
Im looking fore Roll impact crusher elektrik model
Min size sp 1820

Hit mee


55 days 56min ago

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