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  • Range - Your advertisement is presented to a specialist global audience
  • Target audience - You address your relevant target audience directly
  • Sales & rental - You offer your products for sale and/or rental
  • New and used - You find potential customers for both new and used products
  • Interfaces - Management of your advertisements is made much faster thanks to the use of our interfaces
  • Professional company presentation - you design a company profile in line with your corporate image and also link your website to your Machinerypark profile
  • Other advertising options - You advertise your company by placing banners in the relevant areas

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  • Prestigious portal - exclusively for checked and verified sellers
  • Online quality check of offers
  • Large selection of international offers
  • Placement of wanted advertisements free of charge
  • Practical regional and local area search
  • Comparison function for offers
  • Your personal settings, watch lists and search history are saved so that you can find interesting offers again whenever you like