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Sennebogen 6103 R Serie E_10848 6103 R - series E - (EU Stage V/ Tier 4 final) 186kW with crawler undercarriage - 10848

Sennebogen 6103 R Serie E_10848

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Machinerypark ID
Reference number
6103 R Serie E_10848
Crawler crane
Year of manufacture
14656 Brieselang / Berlin

Technical data

Operating hours
175 HP
106,900 kg
Carrying capacity
100,000 kg
Lift height
56,000 mm
56 m


1,515 cm
300 cm
349 cm


Engine type
CUMMINS B6.7FR95885 168 kW
Emission class
- Cummins Engine B 6.7 FR95885, 168kW/2200 rpm,
operating point 186kW/2000 rpm, exhaust emissions
according to Regulation (EU) 2016/1628 Stage V
/ US EPA Tier 4 final, watercooled
- Automatic idle speed stop for diesel engine
- Eco-mode for diesel engine

- Heating- Climateautomatic with central control elements

- SENNEBOGEN control & diagnostic system SENCON

- Lighting system:
2 lights integrated in the front side of the cab roof
1 LED headlight (24V/50W) on the upper carriage at the right side

- Camera system - base package with 2 cameras
includes 1 colour monitor 7'', monitor with 4-way split, up to 4 cameras
expandable, 2 cameras with 115° field viewing angle for rear view camera
and right side of the machine

- Counterweight 28.2 metric tons

- Counterweight lowering system, hydraulically

- Tool kit"

Hydraulically extendable undercarriage T107/419
with B7 crawlers, crawler length 6,440mm,
track gauge min. 2,680mm, max. 4,200mm,
very easy removable crawlers

Maintenance-free B7 track (62 track shoes) with 800mm
flat track shoes, rounded, welded type
for T87/419 , T97/420, T107/419, T107/420

Hydraulic undercarriage jacking equipment with 4 individually controllable hydraulic lift cylinders for basic machine assembling of track frames.

Two-stage track motors for B7 crawlers

Cab adjustment for SENNEBOGEN MAXCAB with 20 degrees rear tilt capability for improved overhead vision and ergonomic posture
SENNEBOGEN MAXCAB operator's cab with sliding door incl. sliding window, resiliently mounted, tinted safety glass, tiltable front window, skylight, wiper/washer system for front window and skylight, Radio in preparation with aerial and loudspeakers, 2 lights integrated in the front of the roof, automatic air condition with fresh air and circulation air filters.

Air suspended operator's seat with lumbar support, seat heating and headrest for driver´s seat

2 inch seat belt - standard

Sun protection for skylight, only for MAXCAB

Radio with USB port, MP3 and Bluetooth

Positioning swing break via foot pedal
indication for winch movement (winch 1 and 2, if installed) via vibration at the left and right joystick

1 pc. hand fire extinguisher, type PD6

Warning and Safety signs according to ISO standard
(International Organization for Standardization)

Grated step on side of cab (foldable and removable)

Grated step in front of cab

Catwalk on both sides (left and right) of the upper structure (without handrail), foldable and removable, 600mm wide

Hand rail at the upper structure right side, foldable, 1100mm high

Standard lubricants for operation range
between -20°C and +40°C, for diesel machines

Information: hydraulic oil type needs to be defined separately
Hydraulic oil Shell Tellus S2 VA 46

Hydraulic micro filter system with water absorption contamination indicator (higher oil purity and extended oil service life), equipment recommended especially when biodegradable oil is used

Pinion lubrication for slewing gear with lubrication pump, operated from cab, with special lubricant and pinion lubrication system

automatic central lubrication for telescopic crane:
- pivot point main boom
- pivot point luffing cylinder
- slewing ring path"

Electric refuelling pump 50 l/min with filling level cut-off
ATTENTION: not suitable for machines with pylon

Pin boom, five-sections, length from 12.5m up to 47m hydraulically extendable/ retractable

Crane winch, line pull 100kN (on the 6th layer) with precision hoist control,
rope diameter 22mm, low-maintenance, with rope tensioning roller; including safety device for the last 4 layers

2nd crane winch, line pull 100kN with precision hoist control, low-maintenance, rope diameter 22mm, with rope tensioning roller, including safety device for the last 4 layers, with hoisting rope - diameter 22mm, length 205m with pocket lock, without hook

1 Hoisting rope, diameter 22mm, length 205m with pocket lock

1 wedge socket with pin for hoisting rope, diameter 20-22mm, loose attached at machine.

63t SH, 22mm rope, 3 sheaves, Spec.-nr., approx.900kg

Runner 9t with hoist limit switch, incl. 10t single hook for 22mm rope, 0 sheaves

Jib, length 8m, mountable to the telescopic boom,
swinging away to the side / telescopic boom, offset 0° / 20° / 40°,
hoist limit switch, without load hook, incl. stowage bracket

ATTENTION: Load hook has to be ordered seperately as required!

Extension of the jib to a total length of 15m, length 7m,
mountable to 8m jib, swinging away type,
offset 0° / 20° / 40°, hoist limit switch, without load hook

Electronic load moment indicator (LMI) incl. load weight indication via the electronic load moment indicator, incl. program and event recorder, recording of information from the LMI system.

Crane Test and LMI program for following configurations in combination with crawler undercarriage T107/419:
- ctw 28.2t + 17.0t; track gauge 4.2m and 3.44m
- ctw 14.3t + 17.0t; track gauge 4.2m, 3.44m and 2.68m
- ctw 0.0t + 0.0t; track gauge 4.2m, 3.44m and 2.68m
- 8m foldable jib; ctw 28.2t + 17.0t; track gauge 4.2m
- 7m extension for foldable jib; ctw 28.2t + 17.0t; track gauge 4.2m
- runner 9t

Standard paintwork:
body, boom RAL 6018 green,
cab RAL 7038 grey,
undercarriage, upper structure, winches, luffing cylinder, jib and runner RAL 7022 grey,
internal boom sections matt black

Operations and maintenance manual in duplicate,
in German or English language

Spare parts catalogue online available
- 8 languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish,
- Continuous updating
NOTE: The catalogue is also provided for download as a pdf-file.

SENtrack DS telematics system for diesel machines E-Series including data connection
(10MB per month) for 2 years with query options:
- Overview over geographic distribution of machines
- Live-data of states of machine
- Trend of values over a long period and Calculation of mean values and states
- Maintenance Alarming
- Fault monitoring alarming
- User management system
- Operating voltage, ignition, engine oil temperature and pressure, fuel consumption, engine operating hours, utilization and engine speed


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