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Marc Sayed
Dieselgeneratoren und -kompressoren
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
ich suche aktuell im Auftrag eines ägyptischen Bauunternehmens nach Dieselgeneratoren und -kompressoren. Meine Auftraggeber haben folgende Anforderungen an die Spezifikationen der benötigten Geräte:

Diesel generators - specifications
Quantity 4 units
Power min. 165 kW
Voltage 230/400 V
Engine diesel
Ecological class min. Euro 3
Cooling system liquid
Engine speed max. 1500 rpm
Fuel consumption at 75% load max. 30 l/h
Fuel tank capacity min. 300 l
Generator type synchronous
Number of phases 3
Frequency 50 Hz
Noise level max. 75 dB
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) max. 3200x1250x1650 mm
Weight max. 1915 kg
Operating temperature from +5 to +50° C

Diesel compressors - specifications
Quantity 2 units
Working pressure (excess) min. 10 bar
Performance according to ISO 1217 ed.3.1996 min. 16.6 m3/min.
Number of compression 1 step
Engine diesel
Cooling system liquid
Power min. 186 kW
The maximum number of revolutions 2200 rpm
The minimum number of revolutions 1500 rpm
Compressor type screw
Execution on a wheeled chassis
Length max. 5508 mm
Length with an unregulated drawbar max. 5074 mm
Width max. 2300 mm
Height max. 2310 mm
Working weight with chassis, max. 3500 kg
Noise level max. 74 dB
Operating temperature from +5 to +50° C
Please note that:
• All prices should be in EUR.
• All prices should be CIF Alexandria (Egypt)
• All prices should include the following :
1. A set of replacement parts.
3. A set of spare parts, consumables, wearable and fuel and lubricants necessary for
maintenance and repair of Equipment, ensuring its continuous operation for 1 year
from the date of installation and commissioning based on the following operating
mode of the equipment: compressors - 10 hours a day (including holidays and
2. A set of tools and accessories necessary for maintenance (repair) and equipment

Haben Sie diesbzgl. evtl. passende Geräte im Angebot?

Vielen Dank schonmal für Ihre Unterstützung und einen schönen Tag noch!

Beste Grüße,
Marc Sayed


13 days 11min ago

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