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Liebherr Drive Shaft ID No.9443859. Suitable Traction Drive type:FAT450P091,FAT450P004. For Wheeled Excavators & Crawler Excavators type:LH60,LH80,ER934,ER944,LOS946,LOS950,LOS954,R944,R946,R950,R954,RZG390.

Liebherr Liebherr
Net price
250 EUR
19 % VAT
48 EUR
Gross price
298 EUR
Machinerypark ID
Reference number
ID-Nr. 9443859 - ID-Nr. 944385903
Final Drive / Traction motor
Year of manufacture
89075 Ulm

Technical data

1 kg
Replacement part number
9443859 - 944385903
I sell new Liebherr Drive Shaft for Traction Drive type: FAT 450P091, FAT 450P004.

Liebherr Drive Shaft Spare part number: ID No. 9443859 - ID No. 944385903.

Suitable for Liebherr Wheeled Excavator Traction Drive with item code:

** 9443840 * 944384003 **

Suitable for Liebherr wheeled excavators:

LH60 C-1212, LH60 C-1528, LH60 CP-1528, LH60 EC-1675.

LH80 C-1213, LH80 C-1529, LH80 EC-1676.

Suitable for Liebherr Crawler Excavators Traction Drive with item code:

** 90011836 * 9443540 * 944384003 **

Suitable for Liebherr crawler excavators:

ER934 C HR-1504, ER934 HR-1504.

ER944 C SEW-1568, ER944 C SEW-1830, ER944 C-1964, ER944 C-EW-1284.

LOS944C S-EW-1284.

LOS946 NLC-1149.

LOS950 T-1362.

LOS954 C-HD-1381.

R944 B-HDV-652, R944 C SEW-1284, R944 C SHD-1079, R944 C V-1119,
R944 C-SEW-1284, R944 C-SHD-1079, R944 C-SHD-1151, R944 C-SHD-1485,
R944 C-SHD-1079, R944 C-V-792, R944 CV-792, R944 V-652, R944 VH-HD-1000,
R944-1485, R944C S-HD-1485, R944C SME-1485.

R946 LC-V-1376, R946 LC-V-1491, R946 S-HD-1457, R946 S-HD-1491, R946-1491.

R950 LC-V-1646, R950 S-HD-1323, R950 S-HD-1492, R950 T-1362, R950-1323.

R954 B-HD-629, R954 C HDW-1081, R954 C-976, R954 C-HD-1128, R954 C-HD-1328,
R954 C-HD-1381, R954 C-HD-1590, R954 C-HD-976, R954 C-HDV-781 R954 C-HDW-781,
R954 C-V-780, R954 CHDW-1081, R954 CHDW-781, R954 CLI-780, R954 HD-629,
R954C HD-1128, R954C HD-976.

RZG390 SME-1323.

!! It is like new Drive Shaft!

If you have any questions or want to visit, please feel free to contact me.

Im-Export N.Karantzounis
Mr. Nikolaos Karantzounis
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Mobile. 00491608231509
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e-mail. NKarantzounis@t-online.de


Karantzounis Baumaschinen Ersatzteile

Karantzounis Baumaschinen Ersatzteile

Mr Nikolaos Karantzounis
Virchowstraße 25/6
89075 Ulm

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State: Baden-Württemberg
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