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ATN Neugeräte New ! Hydraulic Hammer New

ATN ATN Neugeräte New !

Price on request

Price on request

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Neugeräte New !
Demolition Hammer
Year of manufacture
58313 Herdecke

Technical data

CE standard
ATN Hydrailic Breakers New 100kg up to 10.000kg
The design of the ATN breakers makes use of advanced technologies to achieve the highest performance at the lowest cost. ATN breakers are powered by a combination of oil and gas (nitrogen). 70% of the impact energy is generated by gas power, which means that the breakers are virtually independent of the hydraulic supply from the carrier. Thanks to simple design there are only two moving parts: the percussion piston and the control valve. Routine maintenance is just a matter of minutes. ATN breakers are ideal for roadwork, trenching, general demolition and secondary rock breaking. They are also at home reducing demolition rubble for feeding to recycling plants, and in all other jobs which call for a robust design, reliability and long life. Both their general versatility and their compatibility with a broad spectrum of carriers make these breakers genuine all-rounder. ATN breakers are internationally recognised for their toughness and reliability. They give you superior hitting power per kilo. The ATN breakers are ideally suited to demolition tasks in all weight class. They are commonly used to break down concrete structures both non-reinforced and reinforced. With a slim box design, ATN breakers offer great accessibility in confined spaces and an excellent view on the working tool. Using for instance the ATN breaker for road construction work, you can choose the asphalt cutter or the wide chisel working tool for cutting the road surface. ATN breakers can be used to reduce boulder sizes in a rock pile. Mounting an ATN breaker as a secondary reduction breaker on a mobile carrier provides a flexible unit which can be used at multiple stations in the quarry. Due to the ATN breakers high percussive performance to weight ratio, smaller carriers can be used, which can result in fewer investments and a lower cost of ownership. The carrier generates the hydraulic input power which is reflected in fuel consumption. The greater the operational efficiency of the breaker, the lower your energy and fuel costs. WWW.ATNDEMOLITION.COM


Nikolic Abbruchmaschinen GmbH

Nikolic Abbruchmaschinen GmbH

Mr Goran Nikolic
58313 Herdecke

Member for 19 years
Commercial vendor

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State: North Rhine-Westphalia
Near: Hagen, Wetter (Ruhr), Witten.

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